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Real estate is a topic that everyone likes to discuss, but not as frequently as they should.  It is a lingering thought in the back of people’s mind that comes out at random, but often crucial times throughout their lives.  On a normal day, and unless you’re a Realtor, investor, or as Billy Joel would say: “a Real Estate Novelist”, thinking about real estate or having conversations about it are few and far between.  Even the hobbyists who pick up the Sunday New York Times Real Estate Section or watch Million Dollar Listings on TV to see how lavish a home can be, are just there for a fleeting moment.  But why?  Why would a topic that can have such a tremendous impact on your life not be something that you discuss, read about, or learn about often if not daily?

We don’t need to look that far back to see how much of a consequence Real Estate can have on people’s lives.  The sub-prime mess of 2008-2009 that ravaged the country is a clear example of how people and companies can lose thousands, millions and in some cases billions of dollars along with their homes, their families, and for some, their lives.  Another example, and one a little bit closer to home in Brooklyn, is the numerous developments happening all throughout Brooklyn.  I just watched a brilliant documentary yesterday called “Battle for Brooklyn” which showcases the hopeless plight of a young man refusing to leave his apartment in the face of eminent domain amidst the construction of the Barclays Center/Atlantic Yards Project.  Thousands of people were forced to move in the name of Community Building, jobs and gentrification when in reality it was more about money, money and more money for major developers.

Photograph taken from NY Times

*Photograph taken from NY Times

Clearly, there are major events that happen that will affect the value of your home and thus your lives in general.  To many, the homes and apartments they own are the biggest source of equity and potential cash.

This is why I find it important for the locals of Bay Ridge to know how the market for real estate in Bay Ridge is behaving.  As a homeowner, you may not know how much your home’s value has increased or decreased at any given day/month/year.  That’s why I decided to start this website that will bring you, the Bay Ridge community, valuable insight, and information on the market for Bay Ridge.

On www.BayRidgeRe.com, you’ll find the following:

  • Articles and information about the behavior of the market in Bay Ridge including monthly market reports,
  • The newest homes, coops, and condos to hit the market,
  • A database of coop and condo buildings in Bay Ridge and an analysis of each,
  • Helpful buying and selling tips and videos from industry professionals,
  • Gratuitous pictures of the beautiful sights, landmarks, blocks and architecture in Bay Ridge – like this one:

As a proud Bay Ridge resident and Realtor, my goal is to give something back to my community – and I will do this by giving its residents knowledge of an industry that I have come to love.  With this knowledge I hope you will be able to make smart financial decisions, and keep your pulse on an ever changing market.

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If you have an interesting thought, question or comment, please, I encourage you to call me at 347-489-3315 or email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to speak with you.  I look forward to providing insight and value to your lives and hopefully an occasional laugh and smile!

– Daniel (Danny) Soldano – Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker –

Danny Soldano
Danny Soldano
Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I am a full time Realtor in Brooklyn, New York who has sold and rented several million dollars worth of real estate. As a top producing agent I work tirelessly for my clients to help them achieve their real estate goals. I am one of the highest rated and most reviewed agents in Southern Brooklyn, and have received all 5 star ratings from my past clients. My approach to working with buyers is to first listen to their needs and wants and determine the best course of action. Searching for properties online is troublesome, so I provide my clients with an accurate list of what is currently available as well as a direct communication anytime a new property hits the market. This will give you the best chance to purchase the home or apartment that you choose. I also believe in educating my clients on the entire home buying process ahead of time so that each step can be handled efficiently. When representing the sale of your home I go above and beyond what most others offer. Regardless of price, from studio apartment to a multi-million dollar brownstone, all of my properties are treated to the same high quality marketing that has lead to my properties selling at or above the asking price. I hire a professional photographer to take high quality photos, floor plans and videos upon request and make your home stand out from the others on the most popular real estate searches. Lastly, about me, I chose real estate as a career because I had two goals: become a business owner, and use my knowledge and skills to help others. Empowering others to achieve their goals is paramount in my life. I learned how precious life is by helping patients with cancer at Memorial Sloane Kettering and saw how simple acts of kindness can go a long way. I hope to bring value, education and the satisfaction of reaching your real estate goals to you.

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